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The Gorilla Foundation's Wishlists for gorillas Koko and Ndume and their caregiving team are posted on Amazon.com under "Koko the Gorilla".  Click on any of the following categories to view the corresponding Amazon Wishlist. Email questions to wishlist@koko.org.



The Enrichment items on this Amazon wishlist consist of toys, puzzles, gadgets, and innovative food containers for gorillas Koko and Ndume to enrich their lives. Like you and I, they enjoy challenging games and media.    View Wishlist



Koko likes romantic comedies and nature documentaries. Ndume prefers animated films, and some comedies. Both gorillas like to watch videos on rainy days, and sometimes they can get emotional about a scene.   View Wishlist

Koko reads


These items are for Koko and Ndume's gorilla library. Note that most of them are children's books, and while Koko does enjoy the pictures, she also can read many of the words, which Penny and other caregivers read to them upon request.  View Wishlist 


We would like to explore this technology for both caregivers to enter data and as a potential new mode of interspecies communication—if the gorillas are interested. View Wishlist

Gift Cards


These gift cards will help the staff purchase wisely while meeting the needs of gorillas Koko and Ndume, including items in the above categories.   View Wishlist 


A Few of Koko's Other Favorite Things

In addition to the items listed on the Amazon Wishlists above, here are some other things that Koko particularly likes: gorilla-baby dolls, plush puppet toys, tower boxes with healthy surprises, music CDs with slow movement piano music: e.g. Le Onde by Einaudi.

Ship items to: The Gorilla Foundation, 1733 Woodside Rd., Ste 330, Redwood City, CA 94061
Please email wishlist@koko.org to let us know when you ship an item to TGF

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